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Calentirrian D‛Versi

And his Startling Stratagem for Advancement

“Blair Peery [is] one of the funniest men I know. ...Calentirrian D’Versi is a brilliant debut and the beginning of what I hope is a long and fertile career.”

–Bill Peschel
Writers Gone Wild
Penguin Group (USA)

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About the Book

I wrote Calentirrian D’Versi and his Startling Stratagem for Advancement many years ago, during a period when I was consciously mimicking Jack Vance’s style of phrasing. My brother and I would go around saying, “Just so!” at very little provocation and making what we conceived to be as ‘airy gestures’, all as accolades to Vance’s whimsical language. After steeping myself long enough in Vance, the result was Calentirrian D’Versi.

How it All Began

And here’s a secret, if you’ll promise not to tell: Cal’s novella started out as a writing exercise.

Not infrequently, a setting or situation will occur to me without the weight of any story attached, and I will go ahead and write it out to capture the mood. In the case of Calentirrian D’Versi and his Startling Stratagem for Advancement, what I had pictured was more or less what became Chapter One. When done, I tossed it in a folder and went on about my business. It was only years later that I came across it again, and thought I’d like to expand on it.

Good thing I did — this novella became my first published book.

A Brief Teaser

This novella is a witty comedy set in the fantasy realm of Lower Zond. The penniless son of the former Earl of Astrager, Calentirrian must match his wits against the machinations of the brutal Baron Gueltman... with the future of the Earldom at stake. Cal is assisted by the advice of a wise octogenarian slave, but will that be enough when Astrager falls under the scrutiny of the King himself?  

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