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About the Author

Blair Peery was raised in Charlotte, NC, a thriving city in the American South. He has been writing all his life. Foremost among his literary influences are Jack Vance and J.R.R. Tolkien. Mr. Peery is married and well on his way to geezer-hood, his birth year being lost in the mists of time (1956). Early on, his interests spilled over into acting, competitive fencing, computer science and teaching. Lately he has decided to chuck it all and just write. This is his website.

What I write About

As a writer, my goal is to please myself. It has never been to sell or to place in a certain market, so the subject might vary greatly from one story to the next. Even the genre doesn't remain fixed. I have written several works of fantasy, it's true, but also some contemporary mainstream where not a single magical thing happens. I've written a near-future story which could be classified as kinda mainstream or kinda science fiction, depending on your point of view. And let's not neglect the several comedies.

From a marketing perspective, this is bad. I haven't defined my niche. From a story-telling perspective, this is good. Each story is written as it appeals to me, without having to pass through a commercial filter.